Covid 19

For safety of all patients and ourselves. Please follow the new protocols to minimise the risk of cross infection. This is will be implemented from July 2020

Patient responsibility:

Please follow government guidelines and support at Patients may still be charge if they cancel within 24 hours.

Before you attend the appointment, please complete the COVID screening form that is attached to your booking reminders.

Although measures are in place, please be aware that you are visiting Southampton Barbell and Osteopathy and You at your own risk.

Osteopathy and You COVID control:

  1. Hand sanitiser is provided and should be used.
  2. Patients are asked to wear a face mask on entry to Southampton Barbell and for the duration of the treatment.
  3. One patient will be permitted to arrive to the appointment. A chaperone is permitted to help patient into the building, but will then be asked to wait in the car.
  4. All contact points will be sanitised between each patient.
  5. Changes have been made so that plinth has a wipeable cover and pillow. Patients are expected to bring their own towels to the appointment.
  6. Osteopath will wear PPE which will be changed and disposed of between patients.
  7. Adequate time is allowed between each patient to let fresh air in and cleaning of the room.
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