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Do you experience back and neck pain? Perhaps you suffer terribly from migraines or have reported reduced immune function. Within the medical world, there exist plenty of pharmaceutical options, but what about osteopathy? Osteopathy differs in that it involves neither medications nor surgery. 

Here at Osteopathy and You, we’re proud to be the go-to clinic for Hijama cupping therapy. Southampton residents will find that we offer a holistic solution as our treatments treat the body as a unit of interconnected systems. All our treatments are performed by trained, qualified specialists and you’ll find our prices to be very affordable. 

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What Is Cupping/Hijama Therapy? 

Hijama cupping therapy, Southampton clients, is a treatment that traces its origins to ancient times. The process of “dry cupping” involves placing cups on the skin that apply suction. The cups are left on for several minutes and this is often combined with other osteopathic treatments, like massages. 

There exists another technique known as “wet cupping” that differs in one respect – it involves making small cuts in the skin to remove blood.  

The purpose of cupping therapy, Southampton customers, is to draw fluid into the area. The practice is commonplace in Egyptian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern cultures and dates back thousands of years. However, the treatment is becoming more and more popular elsewhere in the world, such as here in the UK. 

Many people advocate for Hijama cupping therapy, Southampton customers, and studies suggest that it can help promote healing. Here at Osteopathy and You, we often recommend cupping to treat issues such as: 

As far as side effects go, the temporary bruising that appears is about the sum of it. Most experts agree that cupping is safe and aside from slight pinching that might occur during the skin suction, the treatment is relatively pain-free. Also, in the UK, cupping is a health profession that’s regulated by UK law. So, you should definitely consider cupping therapy in Southampton

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So, to find out more about our osteopathic treatments, and get yourself booked in, you need only call us today on 07421 995 932

Benefits of Hijama – Cupping Therapy

There are many benefits to undergoing cupping therapy. Southampton customers considering alternative treatments should consider the following benefits: 

  • Increases Circulation 
  • Encourages Tissues to Release Toxins 
  • Reduces Anxiety 
  • Reduces Stretch Marks and Scars 
  • Can Improve Varicose Veins and Spider Veins 
  • Can Help in Other Areas, Such as Aiding Digestion and Clearing Congestion 


Osteopathic Treatments We Offer

In addition to cupping therapy, Southampton residents can also come to Osteopathy and You for, you guessed it, osteopathic treatments. Osteopathy considers the body as a unit (AT Still) and is a bespoke treatment that adopts a holistic approach that treats the various interconnected systems of your body. 

As with any of our treatments, including cupping, it begins with a consultation. We’ll ask you questions about your lifestyle, work, and medical history, and we’ll carry out an examination. We’ll then use the information gathered to devise a bespoke treatment plan.  

Our osteopaths can treat a range of problems, from back and neck pain to workplace and driving-related injuries, headaches, and foot and ankle concerns.

Why Choose Us?

Here at Osteopathy and You, we’re committed to providing the best holistic osteopathic treatments. And we recognise that no two clients have the same requirements, which is why we offer other fantastic treatment plans, from nutrition and personal training to cupping therapy. Southampton customers can even claim back their treatment through their health insurance provider. 

All our osteopaths are primary healthcare providers with 4-5 years of training under their belts. Each is extremely knowledgeable and required to continue with Continued Professional Development training annually. And all our osteopaths are registered with the General Osteopathic Council. 

We provide safe, reliable, and affordable treatments carried out at our safe and hygienic clinic by our highly trained team. We’re here to help you achieve optimal health and wellness through osteopathic care. So, if you’re suffering from a debilitating condition, speak to us to find out if osteopathy could be your way back to a normal, pain-free life. 

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So, if you’re experiencing mild pain and discomfort and have exhausted other possible routes, you should consider cupping therapy, Southampton residents. Hijama cupping therapy is a practice that’s carried out throughout the world, and it’s suggested that it can provide relief from pain. Here at Osteopathy and You, we’re proud to offer cupping therapy as one of our affordable treatments. 

Cupping is an excellent way to promote healing and is often used for sore muscles, among a host of other reasons. Our osteopaths are always delighted to discuss the benefits of cupping therapy, and we can determine whether cupping is the right treatment for you. If you would like to book a consultation, get in touch with our team by calling 07421 995 932. Alternatively, fill out our online contact form or email  

A member of our team will respond to your written query as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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