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Have you been looking for a proven clinic where you can receive excellent sports injury treatment? Southampton clients, look no further, as you’ve now found the experts at Osteopathy and You! We’re proud to be the first-choice clinic for Southampton patients who have suffered a sports injury. 

If you’re interested in our osteopathic treatments and would like to learn more, be sure to get in touch with our experts today. You can speak with one of our experts directly by calling us on 07421 995 932, or you can fill out our online contact form, where we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Proven Sports Injury Treatment Southampton Residents Can Rely On

Here at Osteopath and You, we’re proud to be the first-choice clinic in Southampton for local patients who have suffered a sports injury and are looking for sufficient treatment methods. Our team of skilled osteopathy experts can deliver a range of effective treatments that will help you to recover from your injury quickly and effectively. It’s our aim to help all patients recover from muscle strains and injuries in a manner that allows them to come back fitter and stronger for training in no time at all. 

How is Sports Injury Treated with Osteopathy?

As per the NHS definition, osteopathy is a way of detecting, preventing, and treating health issues by stretching and massaging a person’s joints and muscles. Our osteopathic treatments are perfect for treating sports injuries and helping to speed up the recovery process for those who are looking to get back to their normal daily activities.

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What to Expect on Your First Appointment

When you first reach out to our staff, they will consult with you to determine what type of pain you are having and advise you as to how osteopathic treatments can help. We will need to go through your medical history and get a full understanding of your problem to make sure that our methods are suitable. Once you’re happy to go ahead with our services, we’ll arrange a convenient date for you to re-visit our clinic and undergo treatment.

What We Can Treat 

At Osteopathy and You, we’re delighted to be able to treat a wide range of sports injuries and other similar pain-related problems. Our staff work closely with all patients to make sure that the treatment that they receive is suitable for the problems that they’re having. Through our treatments, we can help with pain related to hips, elbows, hands, feet, and much more. You can learn more about some of the most common types of pain that we treat below:

Shoulder Pain

If you have suffered a shoulder injury and are experiencing shoulder pain in this area of your body, we have specialist osteopathic treatments that can help you to recover. Our treatments will help to relieve pain in your shoulder and allow you to use your arm without feeling sharp bursts of pain. Relieving any tension in your muscles and being careful with the sensitive areas of your shoulder will allow you to get back to your normal activities in no time. 

Back Pain 

Unfortunately, back pain is one of the most common issues that adults experience. Back pain can come as a result of a sports injury, especially if you’ve over-strained yourself when lifting weights. However, back pain is also the result of poor posture, with the likelihood of this pain occurring increasing if you have a sedentary lifestyle or spend a lot of time at your desk. With osteopathic treatments, you can effectively relieve back pain and live your day-to-day life with greater comfort.


People often experience severe headaches and migraines that can be debilitating. While not usually the result of sports injuries, unless you’ve suffered from a concussion, headaches can set you back when training and, as such, should be dealt with promptly. Surprisingly, headaches can be treated via osteopathic methods. Our team will target tense areas of your body, paying particular attention to the neck and shoulders, as they work to relieve you of your headaches.

Price List 

It’s important to our staff that our osteopathic treatments are affordable for as many Southampton patients as possible. We want to make sure that our patients have access to effective treatments without breaking the bank. We charge £60 for each initial consultation and then have different prices depending on the type of treatment that you need and how long it will take. For further information on the costs for our treatments, take a look through our price list today. 

Other Services We Offer 

At Osteopathy and You, it’s always been important for us to offer more than just osteopathic treatments to our clients. As well as Pilates and medical cupping therapy, our team in Southampton can also offer help with the following: 


Our team is available to offer useful nutritional advice that can help you to maintain a balanced diet and improve your overall health. Our staff will work closely with you to come up with effective meal plans that work for your goals.

Dry Needling 

We are also delighted to offer dry needling services that will help to increase your range of motion, which may be limited due to tightness or scar tissue. Our team is more than happy to discuss dry needling appointments, so get in touch to get started. 

Why Choose Us?

We at Osteopathy and You have built up an excellent reputation over the years, thanks to the high-quality osteopathic treatments that we’ve delivered in Southampton. Our team is made up of thoroughly trained and fully qualified individuals, all of whom have plenty of hands-on experience with osteopathic treatments. You can always expect to receive personalised service and effective treatments when you deal with our osteopathy specialists. 

Contact Us Today

So, would you like to take advantage of the best sports injury treatment Southampton has to offer? Then reach out to us at Osteopathy and You today! Our specialists are always willing to discuss our treatment options at length, so be sure to reach out if you have any specific queries. 

If you’d like to speak with one of our sports injury treatment experts directly, you can do so by calling us on 07421 995 932. Alternatively, if you’re unable to reach us during business hours, email us at or fill out our online contact form, and we’ll reply shortly. 

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